PhD Scholars Graduated

Name: Abhijat Arun Abhyankar
Research area: Disaster Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Anand Patwardhan and Dr. Arun B. Inamdar
Thesis Title: Rapid Assessment of Disaster Impacts due to Cyclones using Remotely Sensed Data
Email: abhijat[at]
Name: Abhijit P. Phadnis
Research area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Investment Attractiveness of Indian States
E-mail: abhijitaishwarya[at]
Abhijit P. Phadnis
Name: Abdulrazak A. Honnutagi
Research Area: Knowledge Management (Technology / IT / HR)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title: Quality Excellence in Indian Engineering Education: A Study Using Modelling and Analysis
E-mail: arazak.honnutagi[at]
Abdulrazak A. Honnutagi
Name: Ajay A. Kolhatkar
Research Area: Marketing
Thesis Title: A Model of Goal Directed Behavior, Personality and Situational Factors in the Usage of Technology Based Services
Name: Amrit Man Nakarmi
Research Area: Public policy
Thesis supervisor: Prof Rangan Banerjee
Thesis Title: Modeling for energy planning and policy analysis in Nepal
E-mail: nakarmiamrit[at]
Amrit Photo
Name: Anil JadhavDegree: M.C.A.
Research area: Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, IT Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra M. Sonar
Thesis Title: Hybrid Knowledge Based Framework to Manage Information Technology (IT): Focus on Evaluating and Choosing IT
E-mail: aniljadhav[at]
Anil Photo
Name: Arumugam Velayuthem
Research Area: Intellectual Property Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain & Prof. Atanu Ghosh
Thesis Title: Technology Transfer from Indian Academic and Research Institutions to Industry
E-mail: arumugam.v[at]
Arumugam V.
Name: Arunima Haldar
Research Area: Corporate Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis Title: An Empirical Analysis of Governance Practices of Indian Firms.
E-mail: arunima[at]
Arunima Haldar
Name: Arvind N. Agrawal
Research Area: Leadership
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava
Thesis title: Examining Impact of Strategic Leadership on Effectiveness of Business Organizations.
Name: Ashish Hattangdi
Research Area: General Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha and Prof.Atanu Ghosh
Thesis Title: Assessing Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology Enabled Higher Education.
E-mail: ashishphd[at]
Asish Hattangdi Photo
Name: Ashish Dubey
Area of Study: Operations Management
Thesis Title: A Study of Supply Chain Relationships in Indian Manufacturing Firms: A Governance Perspective.
Appointment: Atul Ltd, India
Name: Ashok Kumar Upadhyay
Research Area: project Management (Modularization / Project Scheduling / People Management)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain
E-mail: ashok.upadhyay[at]
Name: Avinash D. Bagul
Total Work Experience: 18 years
Research area: Supply Chain Optimization
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Indrajit Mukherjee
E-mail: avinash.bagul[at]
Name: Bhurchand Jain
Research Area: Manufacturing Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr. G K Adil, Co Supervisor : Dr. Usha Ananthkumar
Thesis Title: Investigating the alternative paradigms of manufacting competence: An empirical study of Indian companies.
E-mail: bcjain[at]
Name: Chandrasekhar Mylavarapu
Research area: Information Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. R M Sonar
Thesis Title: Evolving a framework for IT Payoff Measurement in the Indian Banking Sector
E-mail: chandrasekhar03[at]
Name: Devesh Baid
Research area: Management Control Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis title: Role of Management Control Systems on School Performance , Teachers Satisfaction, Participative Decision Making and Role Stress(Special Reference to k-12 Private Unaided Schools in India).
E-mail: devesh[at]
Name: Diksha Rohra
Research area: Marketing
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dinesh Sharma
E-mail: diksha.rohra[at]
Name: Disha Bhanot
Research area: Microfinance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Varadraj Bapat
E-mail: disha.joy2theworld[at]
Name: Debabrata Das
Research area: Operations Research, Optimization in Supply Chain Modelling
Thesis Supervisor: Pankaj Dutta
E-mail: debabrata[at]
Name: Dharmesh Gupta
Research area: Innovation Management
Thesis Supervisor: Ms Karuna Jain
E-mail: dharmesh[at]
Name: Gouri Gargate
Research Area: Intellectual Property
Thesis Supervisor: Prof K. Jain
E-mail: ggouri[at]
Name: Hari Vasudevan
Research Area:Production & Operations Management
Thesis title: Effect of Market Orientation and Firm Resources on Manufacturing Performance
Name: Harsh Pradhan
Research area: Organization Behaviour
E-mail: harsh.pradhan[at]
Name: Hasmukh Gajjar
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Kumar Adil
Thesis Title: Optimization Models and Solution Approaches to Retail Shelf Space Allocation Problem (SSAP)
E-mail: hasmukh[at]
Hasmukh Photo
Name: Jaithirth Rao
Total Work Experience: 35
Research area: Business History/Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Kumar Jha
E-mail: jerry[AT]
Name: Jeevan J Arakal
Research area: Marketing Strategy
Thesis Superivisor: Dr. Dinesh Sharma
E-mail: jeevanjarakal[at], jeevanarakal[at], Jeevan[at]
Name: Kanchan Joshi
Research Area: Project Scheduling
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain
Thesis title: A Study of Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems with Preemption and Learning
E-mail: kanchanjoshi[at]
Kanchan Joshi
Name: Leena Shrivastava
Research Area: Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prod. S.V.D Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds
Email: shrivastava1812[at]
Name: Mangesh S Gharote
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Patil
Thesis Title: Workforce planning in IT service firms
E-mail: mangesh.g[at]
Mangesh Gharote
Name: Mangesh Tayde
Research Area: Capital Market
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. V. D. Nageswara Rao.
Thesis Title: An empirical investigation of determinants and the impact of foreign portfolio investment in India.
E-mail: mangesh.tayde[at]
 Mangesh's Photo
Name: Manish Godse
Research Area: Interdisciplinary research in Information system, Decision Science and Forecasting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title: Automating QoS based web service selection
E-mail: manishgodse[at]
Mr. Manish Godse
Name: Mehul A Raithatha
Research Area: Corporate Transparency and Disclosures
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Varadraj Bapat
Thesis Title: Financial Reporting by Indian Companies: Disclosures Required by Accounting Standards
E-mail: mehular83[at]
Mehul Raithatha
Name: Mukta Paliwal
Total work experience: 3.5 years
Research area: Statistical Pattern Recognition, Multivariate Methods
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Usha A. Kumar
Thesis Title: A Comparative Study of the Performance of Regression and Feed Forward Neural Network
E-mail: mukta.paliwal[at]
Mukta Photo
Name: Mousami Prasad
Total Work Experience: 3 years
Research area: Environmental Economics
Thesis Supervisors:Prof. Trupti Mishra and Prof. Varadraj Bapat
E-mail: mousamiprasad[at]
Name: Mukundan R
Research Area: Innovation & IPR Management, Business Model Design, Technology, law and Policy
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain
Thesis Title: Study of Linkages Between Innovation and Intellectual Property
E-mail: mukundan[at]
Name: Nagare Madhukar Raosaheb
Research area: Retail Inventory/Supply Chain Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Pankaj Dutta
Name: Namita Shah
Research area: Social Media and Business Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Kumar Jha
Name: Prabhat K. Pani
Research area: Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ashish K. Pandey
Thesis Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Business Organisations
E-mail: prabhatpani[at]
Name: Pranoti Mane
Research area: Sustainable supply chain management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. T. T. Niranjan

E-mail: pranoti[at]

Name: Rajiv S Narvekar

Research Area:Technology Management

Thesis Title: The Dynamics of Technological Innovation and Intellectual Capital

Rashmi Dyondi
Research Area: Strategy & Indian Film Industry
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Shishir K Jha
Thesis Title: Distribution Strategies in Indian Film IndustryE-mail: dyondir[at]

Name: CA Reeta B. Shah
Research Area: Economic Value Added
Thesis Supervisor: S.V.D. Nageswara Rao

E-mail: reetas[at]


Name: Riddhi Panse

Research Area: Management of Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Vinish Kathuria
Thesis Title: “Diffusion of wind power”E-mail: riddhipanse[at]

Name: Rojers P JosephDegree: B Sc, M B A (Bharathiyar Univer sity)
Total work experience: 12
Research Area: IPR and Digital Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir K Jha
Thesis Title: Higher Education book Publishing in India book Prices and the Impact of Digitization: An Empirical Study.
E-mail: ropjos[at]

Rojers P Joseph

Name: Ruchi Chojer

Research Area: Mutual Funds, Governance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. V. D Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Governance in Mutual Funds
E-mail: rchojer[at]

Ruchi Chojer
Name: Ruchita Gupta
Research Area: Technology Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof.(Ms.) Karuna Jain
Thesis Title: Diffusion of Mobile Technology in India: And Empirical Study
Name: Rupashree Baral
Research area: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava,
Thesis Title: Examining Antecedents of Work-Family Enrichment and its Effect on Individual, Family and Organizational Outcomes
E-mail: rupashreebaral[at]

Rupashree Photo

Name: Sachin Annasaheb Dandale
Research Area: Corporate Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. Narayan Rao
Thesis Title: Corporate Earnings Management
E-mail: sachind[at]

 Sachin's Photo

Name: Sangeeta Makhija
Research area: Capital Market
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S V D Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Initial & Aftermarket Performance of Initial Public Offerings in India
E-mail: sangeeta[at], sangeeta[at]
Name: Sanjay Choudhari
Research Area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Kumar Adil + Dr. Usha Ananthakumar
Thesis Title: Configuration of Manufacturing Strategy Decisions in Production Systems
E-mail: sanjay_iim[at]
Sanjay Choudhari
Name: Sanjay Kumar Thakur

Research Area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Analysis of Hedging in Indian Capital Market
E-mail: sanjaykumar[at], tsanju2004[at]

Sanjay Thakur

Name: Sanjeev P. Nadkarni

Research Area: Production & Operations Management
Thesis Title: Developing a scope management system for large-scale projects

Name: Shaphali Gupta
Research Area: Consumer Behavior, Retail Services MarketingThesis Supervisor: Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis Title: Retail service convenience-scale development and its relationship with shopping motivations, perceived retails crowding and behavioral outcomes
E-mail: shaphalivishal[at]

Shaphali Gupta

Name: Sheetal Menon
Research area: Intellectual Property in Agrobiotechnology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha
E-mail: sheetal.menon[at]

Name: Siddhartha Sarkar
Research area: Brand Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Dinesh K Sharma, Prof Arti Kalro & Prof R G Nambiar

E-mail: sarkarsidd[at]

Name: Sirus Sharifi

Research area: Finance & Risk Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis Title: “Operational Risk Management in Financial Institutions”

E-mail: sirus.sharifi[at]

Sirus Sharifi

Sreejith U.
Research Area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: "An Empirical Examination of the Information Content of Credit Ratings in India"E-mail: vrindavan[at]

Sreejith Photo

Sasadhar Bera

Research Area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee
Thesis Title: Multistage Multiple Response Manufacturing Process Optimisation
E-mail: sasadhar.bera[at]

Sasadhar Bera

Name: Sheila Roy

Research Area: Service Operations, Services Marketing And Service Quality
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Indrajit Mukherjee


Sheila Roy

Name: Subir S. Rao
Research Area: Operations Research / Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra K. Adil
Thesis Title: Analytical Models for Warehouse Storage Assignment with Routing Consideration
E-mail: subirrao[at]

Subir S. Rao

Name: Sumita Datta
Research area: Organisational Behaviour.
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava.
Thesis Title: Examining the effects of individual, job and organisational factors on development of talent.
E-mail: sumita[at]
Name: Sundar Parthasarathy
Research area: International Business and Competitiveness
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. K. Jha and Prof. K. Momaya
Thesis Title:Strategic Orientations and the Internationalization of firms of Indian origin
E-mail: sundar.parthasarathy[at]

Name: Sunny Arora
Research area: Marketing (Brand Strategy)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Arti Kalro / Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis Title: Fundamental Analysis of the Linguistic Impact on Brand Names

E-mail: sunny.arora[at]

Sunny Arora
Name: Vijay Singh Shekhawat
Research area: International Economics
Thesis Supervisor: Vinish Kathuria

E-mail: vsshekhawat[at]

Vijay Shekhawat

Name: Vivekanand M Bankolli
Research area: Project Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Karuna Jain
Thesis Title: Production Model in Project Management.
E-mail: vivekbankolli[at]
Name: Thiagu Ranganathan
Research Area: Statistics and Economics
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Usha Ananthakumar
Thesis Title: Agricultural Commodity Derivatives and Price Risk Management A Case of Soybean Futures in India
E-mail: thiagu[at]

Thiagu Ranganathan

: Upasana Aggarwal
Research area: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S Bhargava
Thesis Title: Impact of Individual, Job and Organizational Factors on Psychological Contract of Employees
E-mail: upasana.aggarwal[at]
Name: Venkata Reddy Muppani
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Gajendra Kumar Adil
Thesis Title: Class based storage location assignment in a warehouse: concepts, models and algorithms
E-mail: muppani[AT]


Name: Venkateshwar Rao Kasina
Research Area: Information Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar, Prof. Krithi Ramamritham, CS Department

E-mail: kasinavrao[at]

Kasina V. Rao
Name: Vijay S Bilolikar
Research Area: Project Scheduling
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Karuna Jain.
Thesis Title: A Study of A Class of Multi Resource Multi Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems
E-mail: vbilolikar[at]
Name: Vinod P
Research Area: Information Security Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title : A Framework for Measuring Information Security Assurance at Organizational Level.
E-mail: pathari[at]