PhD Scholars Graduated

Name: Abhijat Arun Abhyankar
Degree: M.Sc (Inorganic Chemistry), Mumbai University, M.Tech (ESE), IIT Bombay
Total work experience: 5 years
Research area: Disaster Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Anand Patwardhan and Dr. Arun B. Inamdar
Thesis Title: Rapid Assessment of Disaster Impacts due to Cyclones using Remotely Sensed Data
Email: abhijat[at]
Name: Abhijit P. Phadnis
Degree: B. Com., AICWA, ACA, ACS, CFA
Total work experience: 23 years
Research area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Investment Attractiveness of Indian States
E-mail: abhijitaishwarya[at]
Abhijit P. Phadnis
Name: Abdulrazak A. Honnutagi
Degree: M. E. (Hons) (Building Science & Tech.)(IIT, Roorkee), B.E.(Civil) (Karnataka University)
Total work experience: 20 Years
Research Area: Knowledge Management (Technology / IT / HR)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title: Quality Excellence in Indian Engineering Education: A Study Using Modelling and Analysis
E-mail: arazak.honnutagi[at]
Abdulrazak A. Honnutagi
Name: Ajay A. Kolhatkar
Area of Study: Marketing
Thesis Title: A Model of Goal Directed Behavior, Personality and Situational Factors in the Usage of Technology Based Services
Appointment upon Graduation: SET Labs, Infosys, Bangalore, India
Name: Amrit Man Nakarmi
Degree: M.Eng. (Engineering management, University of Alberta, Canada)
Total work experience: 29 years
Research Area: Public policy
Thesis Title: Modeling for energy planning and policy analysis in Nepal
Thesis supervisor: Prof Rangan Banerjee
E-mail: anakarmi[at]; nakarmiamrit[at]
Amrit Photo
Name: Anil JadhavDegree: M.C.A.
Total work experience: 10 Years
Research area: Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, IT Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra M. Sonar
Thesis Title: Hybrid Knowledge Based Framework to Manage Information Technology (IT):  Focus on Evaluating and Choosing IT
E-mail: aniljadhav[at]
Anil Photo
Name: Arumugam Velayuthem
Degree: MBA (Operations Management)
Total work experience: 10 years
Research Area: Intellectual Property Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain & Prof. Atanu Ghosh
Thesis Title: Technology Transfer from Indian Academic and Research Institutions to Industry
E-mail: arumugam.v[at]
Arumugam V.
Name: Arunima Haldar
Degree: MBA (Finance), B.Com (Hons.) SRCC, Delhi University, UGC JRF Qualified
Total work experience: More than 6 years of Research and Academic Experience
Research Area: Corporate Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis Title: An Empirical Analysis of Governance Practices of Indian Firms.
Category: Fellowship Awardee  (University Grants Commission Senior Research Fellow)
E-mail: arunima.haldar[at]; arunima[at]
Appointment: Assistant Professor at NMIMS
Information about research area: The study established the relationship between corporate governance and financial performance while taking into account the endogeneity of the relationships among corporate governance, financial performance, capital structure, and ownership pattern. The principal contribution of this study is to provide a detailed study of firm level governance practices in an emerging market – India using Simultaneous Equation Modeling with panel data.
Arunima Haldar
Name: Arvind N. Agrawal
Degree: B Sc (IIT Kharagpur); MBA (IIM Ahmedabad)
Total work experience: 32 years
Research Area: Leadership
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava
Thesis title: Examining Impact of Strategic Leadership on Effectiveness of Business Organizations.
Name: Ashish Hattangdi
Degree: B.E,Computer Engg (Mumbai University), PGDCM (MBA)(Indian Institute of Management,Calcutta)
Total Work Experience: 8 months
Research Area: General Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha and Prof.Atanu Ghosh
Thesis Title: Assessing Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology Enabled Higher Education.
E-mail: ashishphd[at]
Information about research area: The study confirmed that perceptions of different types of interactions in education are positively correlated with the perceived satisfaction levels experienced by the students in both face to face traditional and ICT enabled virtual classroom modes. It also demonstrated how traditional classroom education is perceived as superior to ICT enabled distance education in a statistically significant manner on all measures of perceived interaction and satisfaction. The most interesting personal insight during the study, even though rather obvious, was that the educational process, even in classrooms should involve agreements, discussions as well as disagreements to create knowledge and not just passively transmit or receive knowledge.
Asish Hattangdi Photo
Name: Ashish Dubey
Area of Study: Operations Management
Thesis Title: A Study of Supply Chain Relationships in Indian Manufacturing Firms: A Governance Perspective.
Appointment: Atul Ltd, India
Name: Ashok Kumar Upadhyay
Degree: B.E. (Mech), BARC Training School (31st Batch), MA (PM &IR) Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
Total Work Experience: 22 years
Research Area: project Management (Modularization / Project Scheduling / People Management)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain
E-mail: ashok.upadhyay[at]
Name: Bhurchand Jain
Degree: ME(mech)
Total work experience: 25 Yrs
Research Area: Manufacturing Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr. G K Adil, Co Supervisor : Dr. Usha Ananthkumar
Thesis Title: Investigating the alternative paradigms of manufacting competence: An empirical study of Indian companies.
E-mail: bcjain[at]
Name: Chandrasekhar Mylavarapu
Degree: M.Tech (Management & Systems)-IIT-D
Total work experience: 20 years
Research area: Information Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. R M Sonar
Thesis Title: Evolving a framework for IT Payoff Measurement in the Indian Banking Sector
E-mail: chandrasekhar03[at]
Name: Devesh Baid
Degree: C W A, FDP (IIMA), M Com, B.Com (Hons.) SRCC, Delhi University
Total Work Experience: 9 years
Research area: Management Control Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis title: Role of Management Control Systems on School Performance , Teachers Satisfaction, Participative Decision Making and Role Stress(Special Reference to k-12 Private Unaided Schools in India).
E-mail: devesh[at]
Name: Diksha RohraDegree: B.Tech(ECE), MBA
Total Work Experience: 2 years
Research area: Marketing
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dinesh Sharma
E-mail: diksha.rohra[at]
Name: Disha Bhanot
Degree: M.Sc(Hons) Mathematics
Total work experience: 1 year 3 Months
Research area: Microfinance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Varadraj Bapat
E-mail: disha.joy2theworld[at]
Name: Debabrata Das
Degree: M.Sc. (Mathematics, IIT Bombay)
Total work experience: 2 years
Research area: Operations Research, Optimization in Supply Chain Modelling
Thesis Supervisor: Pankaj Dutta
E-mail: debabrata[at]
Name: Dharmesh Gupta
Degree: M.Tech
Total Work Experience: 15 Yrs
Research area: Innovation Management
Thesis Supervisor: Ms Karuna Jain
E-mail: dharmesh[at]
Name: Gouri Gargate
Degree: M.Sc(Microbiology),LLB,PGDMLT,PGDPL,TIFAC Scientist,Patent Agent,SET,PAT,DL 101.
Total work experience: 13 yrs
Research Area: Intellectual Property
Thesis Supervisor: Prof K. Jain
E-mail: ggouri[at]
Name: Hari VasudevanArea of Study: Production & Operations Management
Thesis Title: Effect of Market Orientation and Firm Resources on Manufacturing Performance
Name: Harsh PradhanDegree: MBA
Total Work Experience: 2 years
Research area: Organization Behaviour
E-mail: harsh.pradhan[at]
Name: Hasmukh GajjarDegree: B.E.(Mechanical), M.B.A.(Operations)
Total work experience:    6  years
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Kumar Adil
Thesis Title: Optimization Models and Solution Approaches to Retail Shelf Space Allocation Problem (SSAP)
E-mail: hasmukh[at]
Appointment: Assistant professor in IIM Indore
Hasmukh Photo
Name: Jeevan J ArakalDegree: B .A Economics (Kerala University), PGDM (RM) - Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB)
Total Work Experience – 4 Years
Research area: Marketing Strategy
Thesis Superivisor- Dr. Dinesh Sharma

E-mail: jeevanjarakal[at], jeevanarakal[at] , Jeevan[at]


Name: Kanchan Joshi

Degree: M.B.A( Finance), Mumbai University,B.E(Electronics)(Mumbai University)
Total work experience: 3 Months
Research Area: Project Scheduling
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain
Thesis title: A Study of Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems with Preemption and Learning
E-mail: kanchanjoshi[at]


Kanchan Joshi

Name: Leena ShrivastavaArea of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds
Thesis Supervisor: Prod. S.V.D Nageswara Rao
Email: shrivastava1812[at]
Name: Mangesh S Gharote
Degree: M.S. by Research, IEOR, IIT Bombay.
Total Work Experience: 8 Years
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Patil
Thesis Title: Workforce planning in IT service firmsE-mail: mangesh.g[at]

Information about Research area: Workforce management is a crucial area for any organization. Especially if it is an IT service organization, managing workforce optimally plays a key role in improving organizational efficiency, so that the organization remains agile and competitive. There are number of interesting issues in the area of workforce management pertaining to IT service industry that interest researchers. The main areas are workforce allocation, staffing, scheduling and planning. The focus of this research is in addressing few issues in IT service firm using mathematical programming which would be of academic as well as industry interests.

Mangesh Gharote
Name: Mangesh TaydeDegree: MBA(Finance)
Total work experience:  10  years
Research Area:  Capital Market
Thesis Supervisor:  Prof. S. V. D. Nageswara Rao.
Thesis Title:  An empirical investigation of determinants and the impact of foreign portfolio investment in India.
E-mail: mangesh.tayde[at]
Appointment : Manager Information Products BSE Ltd.
 Mangesh's Photo
Name: Manish GodseDegree: ME, PGDBM
Total work experience: Two decades as Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Researcher and Academician
Research Area: Interdisciplinary research in Information system, Decision Science and Forecasting
Thesis Supervisor:  Prof. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title:  Automating QoS based web service selection
E-mail: manishgodse[at] about research area:
The selection of web service is a critical task, which involves the matching of both functional and quality requirement of the consumer with the available set of services. This is a MCDM problem. It is too complex because selection is at runtime in dynamic environment and there are multiple providers differing only on QoS parameter values. In research work, classification of the service elements into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive ontologies and categories are provided. A methodology based on MCDM and driven by experts is used as the quantitative technique to address the prioritization of elements. This approach of predefined weights is not judgmental and independent of user intervention. QoS parameters have to be monitored to gather the execution data. This gathered data is used to forecast the likely behavior of service during execution. The forecasted values pave the way to trust the QoS values during selection. Services mostly satisfying the QoS requirements need to be ranked. A new approach has been proposed for ranking based on mandatory-elements filtering, minimum-maximum value approach, using standard deviation, desirability approach and normalization of values using prioritization. An illustrative case study using proposed methodology for the selection of a web service has been detailed in this work. This methodology involves only one time expert involvement and free from human intervention in the execution mode. Thus, service selection process is automated and not dependent on human intervention.
Mr. Manish Godse
Name:  Mehul A RaithathaDegree: M.Com. M.A. CFA(ICFAI), UGC-NET (JRF)
Total work experience: 6
Research Area:  Corporate Transparency and Disclosures
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Varadraj Bapat
Thesis Title:   Financial Reporting by Indian Companies: Disclosures Required by Accounting Standards
E-mail: mehular83[at] ; mehul.raithatha[at]

Information about research area:

  • Financial Reporting Practices
  • Compliance with Accounting Standards/GAAP
  • Determinants of Corporate Disclosure and Transparency
Mehul Raithatha
Name: Mukta PaliwalDegree: M.Sc. (Statistics) & B.Sc. (Computer Science), Devi Ahilya University, Indore
Total work experience:  3.5 years
Research area: Statistical Pattern Recognition, Multivariate Methods
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Usha A. Kumar
Thesis Title:  A Comparative Study of the Performance of Regression and Feed Forward Neural Network
E-mail: mukta.paliwal[at]
Mukta Photo

Name: Mousami Prasad

Degree: B. Com. (Indraprastha College, Delhi University), PGDBM (Finance)
Total Work Experience: 3 years
Research area: Environmental Economics
Thesis Supervisors:Prof. Trupti Mishra and Prof. Varadraj Bapat

E-mail: mousamiprasad[at]

Name:  Mukundan RDegree: B.E. (Sandwich) Electrical and Electronics
Total work experience:  7 years
Research Area: Innovation & IPR Management, Business Model Design, Technology, law and Policy
Thesis Supervisor:  Prof. Karuna Jain
Thesis Title: Study of Linkages Between Innovation and Intellectual Property
E-mail: mukundan[at]

Mukundar R.

Name: Nagare Madhukar RaosahebDegree: B.E (Production Engg)M.Tech (M/c Design)IITMadras
Total Work Experience: Teaching experience of 18 Years
Research area: Retail Inventory/Supply Chain Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Pankaj Dutta


Name: Prabhat K. PaniDegree: Ph.D.
Total Work Experience: 28 years
Research area: Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ashish K. Pandey
Thesis Title: Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Business Organisations

E-mail: prabhatpani[at]

Name: Pranoti ManeDegree: B Tech (ICT, Mumbai), MMS (SNDT University)
Total Work Experience: 5.5 years
Research area: Sustainable supply chain management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. T. T. Niranjan

E-mail: pranoti[at]

: Rajiv S NarvekarArea of Study: Technology Management
Thesis Title: The Dynamics of Technological Innovation and Intellectual Capital
Appointment: Technological Innovation Evangelist, SET Labs, Infosys, Bangalore, India

Rashmi DyondiDegree: MBA (MKTG)
Total work experience: 5 Years in Media and Entertainment Industry
Research Area:  Strategy & Indian Film Industry
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Shishir K Jha
Thesis Title: Distribution Strategies in Indian Film Industry

E-mail: dyondir[at]

Name: CA Reeta B. ShahDegree: M. Com, C.A.,LL.B.(Gen.), M. Phil.,M.B.A.
Total work experience: 18 years
Research Area: Economic Value Added
Thesis Supervisor: S.V.D. Nageswara Rao

E-mail: reetas[at]


Riddhi PanseDegree: M. Tech. (Energy Systems Engineering - IIT Bombay)
Total work experience: 1 year
Research Area: Management of Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Vinish Kathuria
Thesis Title: “Diffusion of wind power”

E-mail: riddhipanse[at]

Name: Rojers P JosephDegree: B Sc, M B A (Bharathiyar Univer sity)
Total work experience:  12
Research Area: IPR and Digital Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir K Jha
Thesis Title: Higher Education book Publishing in India book Prices and the Impact of Digitization: An Empirical Study.
E-mail: ropjos[at]


Rojers P Joseph

Ruchi ChojerDegree:PhD
Total work experience: 17 Years with Securities and Exchange Board of India
Research Area: Mutual Funds, Governance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. V. D Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Governance in Mutual Funds
E-mail: rchojer[at]

Information about research area:
Studied the impact of governance on performance of mutual fund schemes. The focus of governance was on role of trustees of mutual funds who are considered as first level of regulators for mutual funds under the current regulatory framework for mutual funds.   Governance was measured based on several criteria including size, average age, average tenure, independence of trustee board and quality of governance by trustees of mutual funds.  Quality of supervision was measured by a survey questionnaire sent to the trustees of mutual funds in the sample.

Ruchi Chojer
Name: Ruchita Gupta
Degree: M.Tech (Electronics - Digital Systems), MNNIT Allahabad, B.E (Electrical) Nagpur University
Total work experience:  4 Years
Research Area: Technology Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof.(Ms.) Karuna Jain
Thesis Title: Diffusion of Mobile Technology in India: And Empirical Study
Name: Rupashree BaralDegree: M.A.(Industrial Relations and Personnel Management)
Total work experience: 3.5   years
Research area: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava,
Thesis Title: Examining Antecedents of Work-Family Enrichment and its Effect on Individual, Family and Organizational Outcomes
E-mail: rupashree[at], rupashreebaral[at]

Rupashree Photo

Name: Sachin Annasaheb DandaleDegree: MBA (Finance + IT , IIITM), B.Tech (R.E.C. Hamirpur(H.P))
Total work experience: 2 years
Research Area: Corporate Finance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. Narayan Rao
Thesis Title: Corporate Earnings Management
E-mail: sachind[at]

 Sachin's Photo

Name: Sangeeta Makhija

Degree: B Com (Hons in Accounting), M Com (Finance & Accounting), MBA (Finance)
Total work experience:   3 years
Research area: Capital Market
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S V D Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Initial & Aftermarket Performance of Initial Public Offerings in India
E-mail: sangeeta[at], sangeeta[at]
Name: Sanjay ChoudhariDegree: PhD (completed , April 2012)
Total work experience: 10 years
Research Area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Gajendra Kumar Adil +  Dr. Usha Ananthakumar
Thesis Title:  Configuration of Manufacturing Strategy Decisions in Production Systems
Job after graduation : T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal as Assistant Professor
E-mail: sanjay_iim[at]
Sanjay Choudhari
Name: Sanjay Kumar Thakur

Degree: B.Sc [Hons.](Mathematics), MBA (Finance)
Total work experience: 4.25 years
Research Area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: Analysis of Hedging in Indian Capital Market
E-mail: sanjaykumar[at], tsanju2004[at]

Sanjay Thakur

Name: Sanjeev P. NadkarniArea of Study: Production & Operations Management
Thesis Title: Developing a scope management system for large-scale projects
Appointment upon Graduation: Projects Division, Sterlite, Vedanta Inc, India
Name: Shaphali GuptaDegree: MBA, UGC-NET, BSc (Mathematics)
Total work experience:  6 years
Research Area:  Consumer Behavior, Retail Services MarketingThesis Supervisor: Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis Title:  Retail service convenience-scale development and its relationship with shopping motivations, perceived retails crowding and behavioral outcomes
E-mail: shaphalivishal[at]

Shaphali Gupta

Name: Sheetal MenonDegree: M.Sc. Biotechnology
Research area: Intellectual Property in Agrobiotechnology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha
Thesis Co-Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain

E-mail: sheetal.menon[at]

Name: Siddhartha SarkarDegree: MBA, MPhil
Total Work Experience: 4.6 Years
Research area: Brand Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Dinesh K Sharma, Prof Arti Kalro & Prof R G Nambiar

E-mail: sarkarsidd[at]

Name: Sirus Sharifi

Degree: M.Com. (Business Administration), Bachelor of Industrial Management
Total Work Experience: 3years
Research area: Finance & Risk Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis Title: “Operational Risk Management in Financial Institutions”

E-mail: sirus.sharifi[at]

Sirus Sharifi

Sreejith U.Degree: M.B.E (Business Economics), M.Phil
Total work experience: 5 years
Research Area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: "An Empirical Examination of the Information Content of Credit Ratings in India"

E-mail: vrindavan[at]

Sreejith Photo

Sasadhar BeraDegree: B.E (Mechanical, NIT  Durgapur ), MTech. (QR-OR, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
Total work experience:    8  years
Research Area:  Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Indrajit Mukherjee
Thesis Title:  Multistage Multiple Response Manufacturing Process Optimisation
E-mail: sasadhar.bera[at]


Sasadhar Bera

Name:  Sheila Roy

Degree: BEE, 1994, Jadavpur University; PGDBM, 1999, IIM Bangalore
Total work experience: 15 Yrs (IT, Consulting and Insurance)
Research Area: Service Operations, Services Marketing And Service Quality
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Indrajit Mukherjee


Sheila Roy

Name:  Subir S. RaoDegree:  B.E. Mechanical Engg. (Univ. of Mumbai), M.S & Tech. Applied Mathematics (Univ. of New South Wales)
Total work experience:   5
Research Area:  Operations Research / Management
Thesis Supervisor:  Dr. Gajendra K. Adil
Thesis Title:  Analytical Models for Warehouse Storage Assignment with Routing Consideration
E-mail:  subirrao[at]

Subir S. Rao

Name: Sumita DattaDegree: PGDPM&IR.
Total work experience: 15 years
Research area: Organisational Behaviour.
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava.
Thesis Title: Examining the effects of individual, job and organisational factors on development of talent.
E-mail: sumita[at]
Name: Sundar ParthasarathyDegree: B.E. (Mech.)
Total Work Experience: 26 years
Research area: International Business and Competitiveness
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. K. Jha and Prof. K. Momaya

E-mail: sundar.parthasarathy[at]

Name: Sunny AroraDegree: PhD
Total Work Experience: 7 years
Research area: Marketing (Brand Strategy)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Arti Kalro / Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis Title: Fundamental Analysis of the Linguistic Impact on Brand Names

E-mail: sunny.arora[at]

Sunny Arora
Name: Vijay Singh ShekhawatDegree: BSc, LLB, MBA
Total Work Experience: 15 years
Research area: International Economics
Thesis Supervisor: Vinish Kathuria

E-mail: vsshekhawat[at]

Vijay Shekhawat

Name: Vivekanand M BankolliDegree:B.E(Mech), PGDMM,MEPC,GMP, PMP
Total Work Experience: 15yrs
Research area: Project Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Karuna Jain
Thesis Title:Production Model in Project Management.
Category: External

E-mail: vivekbankolli[at]

Name: Thiagu RanganathanDegree: PGDM
Total work experience:    6 Years
Research Area:  Statistics and Economics
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Usha Ananthakumar
Thesis Title:  Agricultural Commodity Derivatives and Price Risk Management A Case of Soybean Futures in India
E-mail: thiagu[at]

Thiagu Ranganathan

: Upasana AggarwalDegree: PGDM (HR-OB), Masters Labour Law (MLL)
Total work experience: 3.5 years
Research area: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S Bhargava
Thesis Title: Impact of Individual, Job and Organizational Factors on Psychological Contract of Employees
E-mail: upasana.aggarwal[at]

: Venkata Reddy MuppaniDegree: B.Tech.(Manufacturing Engineering), NIFFT Ranchi, M.Tech.(Computer
Applications), ISM Dhanbad
Total work experience: 12 years
Research area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Gajendra Kumar Adil
Thesis Title: Class based storage location assignment in a warehouse:
concepts, models and algorithms
E-mail: muppani[AT]
Appointment upon Graduation: The Dow Chemical Company


Venkateshwar Rao KasinaDegree: M.Sc(Physics); M.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Total work experience: 15 years
Research Area: Information Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Prof. Krithi Ramamritham, CSDepartment

E-mail: kasinavrao[at]

Kasina V. Rao
Name: Vijay S BilolikarDegree: M. E. (Mfg Engg) B.E. (Production)
Total work experience:  16 Years
Research Area: Project Scheduling
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Karuna Jain.
Thesis Title: A Study of A Class of Multi Resource Multi Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems
E-mail: vbilolikar[at]
Name: Vinod PDegree: M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)
Total work experience: 15 years
Research Area: Information Security Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title : A Framework for Measuring Information Security Assurance at Organizational Level.
E-mail: pathari[at]