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The students of the school, inquisitive and innovative as they are, have organized themselves into various clubs according to their areas of interest. The clubs focus on one functional areas of business. These clubs provide a forum for the students to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences in their respective domains.

They supplement the academic life by helping the students to continuously learn and improve themselves so as to achieve the ever increasing benchmarks of the modern era. These clubs also provide them with a platform to work together and understand each other’s viewpoint better, foster creative solution building and enable them to view things from a holistic perspective.


How does one sell a comb to a bald man? Or, is it better to sell him an oil that fertilizes and replenishes the lost flora? Such questions and many more are tossed around and discussed on a normal basis. Welcome to MARTRIX, the Marketing Club of SJMSOM. The membership is for “the one” who has a penchant for Marketing or who wants to know about the fine art of Marketing and perhaps enlighten oneself. This is a club of the students, by the students and for the students. The emphasis is on team work and hands on learning approach. After the last frontier is crossed (i.e.) classroom, MARTians let loose their creative juices to find unconventional solutions for conventional problems. The members of the club meet regularly and participate in the activities that unfold. The activities are decided periodically that range from discussing case studies, following the positioning of products, both old and new, finding out the success stories and analyzing the ideas that were involved. The highlight is the impromptu activity where the members are called on stage and asked to market an absolutely unusual product. These and many more activities are carried out. The aim is to shape a MARTian into a suave marketer who'll have his finger on the pulse of the latest developments and will be creative as well.


Anyone who leaps at the top lines without looking back at the bottom lines is missing something. The pillars of functional areas like marketing and finance rest on the foundations of product and price. This foundation is nothing but operations. Our operations club, OPERA, helps in fostering new ideas and opening up unseen vistas in operations management, making our budding managers well armed to be leaders with a cutting edge. In its endeavor to further its cause , Opera organized one of the four continuums conducted so far, bringing industry stalwarts to one platform, from where the the face of the future could be changed. Subjects like ERP, supply chain management, logistics and manufacturing in India were studied. Our regular features include case studies, paper presentations, data collection in the areas of operations management and of course a lot more.


Welcome to “Finesse”, the finance club of the school. The club is entirely an initiative of the students to acquaint themselves about the latest in the rapidly changing financial world where timely knowledge is considered to be the most precious commodity. The club is a forum by means of which the students deliberate and discuss the issues of concern to the financial world and reflect on the market movements.

It is an interest group where the finance enthusiasts undergo brainstorming and number crunching sessions that they know, can catapult them into informed managers of tomorrow. The aim is to hone the quantitative, analytical and logical skills of the members, and enable them to look deeper into the financial markets to get critical insight into their functioning.

Apart from these activities, the group also conducts quizzes from time to time that are pertinent to the happenings in the financial world. The group came into highlight with the successful conduct of an online stock investment simulation game titled “Bulls and Bears” at Avenues 2003, the national level b-fest conducted by the school recently. The game, which was conceived by the group members, received a huge participation and much appreciation from the student delegates at the b-fest.


Systematics is a student body at the school that involves itself with developments in the fastest changing domain of the world business, i.e. information technology. The members of the club have a penchant for understanding IT and its potential in changing the way business is conducted around the world.

These managers of tomorrow closely monitor the emerging paradigms in the business world that are being defined by the increasing use of technology. Being mostly from techie backgrounds, they view these developments from both business and technical perspectives, and deliberate and debate their outcomes from time to time.

IT, being essentially borderless, needs to be understood on a macro level. The rapid changes in the business environment have resulted in increased complexities and responsibilities for the information manager today. The club members therefore regularly bring to campus distinguished people from the IT world to interact with them and to get broader perspectives on pertinent issues and future importance.

The club was highly appreciated by the industry participants, faculty and students alike for their success in conducting a two-day seminar under the Continuum 2003 (IT) banner. The event received an enthusiastic participation of delegates from the industry and some of the leading b-schools in the country.


Podium provides a platform to the students to improve upon their soft skills, which are considered by many to be more important then the hard skills. The public speaking group is a students’ initiative that tries to kill “stage fright” among them by organizing speeches (both prepared and impromptu) and debates. During these, the students are critically judged by their peers on various aspects such as convincing power, body language, choice of words, grammatical accuracy and fluency of speech. These revelations and the experience obtained on stage enable the student to move on a path of continuous self-improvement in their communication skills.

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