Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management
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Shailesh J. Mehta, School of Management
IIT Bombay
PhD Students
Short Profile
Name: Abhishek Thakore
Degree: B Com, MBA (IIM Bangalore)
Total work experience: 5 years
Research Area: Work Engagement
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava

E-mail: 09427803[at]

Name: Akash Suresh Mavle
Degree: BE(Instrumentation, COEP, Pune),1995, Master of Management, IIT Bombay 1998
Total work experience: 14 years
Research Area: Entreprenuership, Innovation, Technology Business Incubators
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Anand Patwardhan
Thesis title: Performance Measurement of Technology Business Incubators

E-mail: akashm[at]

Name: Amrit Man Nakarmi
Degree: M.Eng. (Engineering management, University of Alberta, Canada) M.Sc.(honours) (Mechanical engineering, Former Soviet Union (FSU))
Total work experience:       29 years
Research Area: Public policy
Thesis Title: Modeling for energy planning and policy analysis in Nepal
Thesis supervisor: Prof Rangan Banerjee

E-mail: anakarmi[at]; nakarmiamrit[at]


Amrit Photo


Name: Amrutaunshu Nerurkar
Degree: B.E. (Computer Science), M.Mgt. (IIT Bombay)
Total work experience: 6 years
Research Area: Open Source Paradigm for Collaborative and Distributed
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha

E-mail: amrutaunshu.nerurkar[at]



Name: Anamika Kishan Chawhan

Degree: M.B.A. in Human Resource and IT
Total work experience:    2 years
Research Area:  Knowledge Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Rajendra M. Sonar

E-mail: anamikakchawhan[at]


Name: Ashish Hattangdi

Degree: B.E,Computer Engg ( Mumbai University), PGDCM (MBA)(Indian Institute of Management,Calcutta)
Total Work Experience: 8 months
Research Area: General Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha and Prof.Atanu Ghosh
Thesis Title: Assessing Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology Enabled Higher Education.

E-mail: ashishphd[at]

Information about research area:

The study confirmed that perceptions of different types of interactions in education are positively correlated with the perceived satisfaction levels experienced by the students in both face to face traditional and ICT enabled virtual classroom modes. It also demonstrated how traditional classroom education is perceived as superior to ICT enabled distance education in a statistically significant manner on all measures of perceived interaction and satisfaction. The most interesting personal insight during the study, even though rather obvious, was that the educational process, even in classrooms should involve agreements, discussions as well as disagreements to create knowledge and not just passively transmit or receive knowledge.



Asish Hattangdi Photo



Name: Ashok Kumar Upadhyay

Degree: B.E. (Mech), BARC Training School (31st Batch), MA (PM&IR) Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
Total Work Experience: 22 years
Research Area: project Management (Modularization / Project Scheduling / People Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof.(Ms.) Karuna Jain

E-mail: ashok.upadhyay[at]



Name: Debabrata Das
Degree: M.Sc. (Mathematics, IIT Bombay)
Total work experience: 2 years
Research area: Operations Research, Optimization in Supply Chain Modelling
Thesis Supervisor: Pankaj Dutta

E-mail: debabrata[at]


Name: Devesh Baid
Degree: C W A, FDP (IIMA), M Com, B.Com (Hons.) SRCC,  Delhi University
Total work experience: 9 years
Research Area: Management Control Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis title: Role of Management Control Systems on School Performance , Teachers Satisfaction, Participative Decision Making and Role Stress(Special Reference to k-12 Private Unaided Schools in India).

E-mail: devesh[at]




: Dharmesh Gupta
Degree: M.Tech
Total work experience: 15 Yrs
Research area: Innovation Management
Thesis Supervisor: Ms Karuna Jain

E-mail: dharmesh[at]


Name: Diksha Rohra

Degree: B.Tech(ECE), MBA
Total work experience:    2 years
Research Area:  Marketing
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dinesh Sharma

E-mail: diksha.rohra[at]



Name: Dinesh Sharma

Degree:MBA (Information Management), B.E (Electrical Engineering)
Total work experience: 12 years
Research Area: Information Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Thesis Title:Yet to be finalized.




Dinesh Sharma.jpg


: Disha Bhanot

Degree: M.Sc(Hons) Mathematics
Total work experience: 1 year 3 Months
Research area: Microfinance
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Varadraj Bapat

E-mail: disha.joy2theworld[at]

Degree: B.Tech(Hons)IIT Kgp, MBA SIES College of Management, Navi Mumbai. 
Total work experience:  22 Years
Research Area: Oil and Gas
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Hans Huber

E-mail: gautam1964[at]



Name: Gouri Gargate
Degree:M.Sc(Microbiology),LLB,PGDMLT,PGDPL,TIFAC Scientist,Patent Agent,SET,PAT,DL 101.
Total work experience:13 yrs
Research Area: Intellectual Property
Thesis Supervisor: Prof K. Jain



: Harsh Pradhan

Degree: MBA
Total work experience: 2 years
Research Area:  Organization Behaviour

E-mail: harsh.pradhan[at]


Name: Jeevan J Arakal
Degree: B .A Economics (Kerala University), PGDM (RM) - Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB)
Total Work Experience – 4 Years
Research Area: Marketing Strategy
Thesis Superivisor- Dr. Dinesh Sharma

E-mail: jeevanjarakal[at], jeevanarakal[at] , Jeevan[at]



: Mamta Srivastava

Degree: Masters in Human Resource Development & Management
Total work experience: 10 years - a blend of handling HR generalistic profile, consulting in the space of organization assessments and working as visiting faculty for MBA classes
Research area: Leadership Capital
Thesis Supervisor:

E-mail: mamtasmail[at]



Name: Mangesh S Gharote

Degree: M.S. by Research, IEOR, IIT Bombay.
Total work experience:  8 Years
Research Area: Operations Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Patil
Thesis Title: Workforce planning in IT service firms

E-mail: mangesh.g[at]

Information about research area:
Workforce management is a crucial area for any organization. Especially if it is an IT service organization, managing workforce optimally plays a key role in improving organizational efficiency, so that the organization remains agile and competitive. There are number of interesting issues in the area of workforce management pertaining to IT service industry that interest researchers. The main areas are workforce allocation, staffing, scheduling and planning. The focus of this research is in addressing few issues in IT service firm using mathematical programming which would be of academic as well as industry interests.

Mangesh Gharote
Name: Manish Goswami
Education: Master of Management (IIT Bombay), B.E. - Electronics and Telecommunication (Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur).
Total work experience: 14 years
Research Area: Emissions Trading
Thesis Supervisors: Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay
                                      Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Vice President – Financial Controls,    Jet Airways (India) Limited, Mumbai.
Thesis Title (planned): Impact of Emissions Trading on Airline Operations

E-mail: manish.goswami[at]




: Nagare Madhukar Raosaheb
Degree: B.E (Production Engg)M.Tech (M/c Design)IITMadras
Total work experience: Teaching experience of 18 Years
Research Area: Retail Inventory/Supply Chain Management
Thesis Supervisor: Dr.Pankaj Dutta


Name: Namita Shah 

Degree: BE(Computer Science), MMS(Finance)
Total work experience: 15 years
Research Area:  IT

E-mail: namita.shah[at]



Name: Narendra V. Lakal
Degree: M. E. (Mechanical-Production)
Total work experience:  6.5 Years
Research Area: Operations Management (Lean Manufacturing)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof.(Ms.) Karuna Jain

E-mail: narendra.lakal[at]


Neeraj Mankad
Degree:MBA (Leeds University, UK), BE
Total work experience:15 years
Research Area: Strategy, Digital Economy
Thesis Supervisor:Prof. Shishir Jha
Thesis Title:An investigation into value creation within the Digital
Entertainment Industry
Category: Self Finance

E-mail:neerajm[at] , neerajmankad[at]


Neeraj Final Photo

Name:  Prabhat K. Pani
Degree: Ph.D.
Total work experience: 28 years
Research Area: Strategy
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ashish K. Pandey
Thesis Title:Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Business Organisations

E-mail: prabhatpani[at]


Qutbuddin Siddiquee
Degree: AIS (Patent Information System, NISCAIR, CSIR, New Delhi), M.Sc. (Physics, CCS University, Meerut, UP)
Total work experience:  7  years
Research Area: Technology Management, Innovation and IPR Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Karuna Jain & Dr. Vivek Singal

E-mail: qutbuddin[at]
Qutbuddin Photo
Name: CA Reeta B. Shah
Degree: M. Com, C.A.,LL.B.(Gen.), M. Phil.,M.B.A.
Total work experience: 18 years
Research Area: Economic Value Added
Thesis Supervisor: S.V.D. Nageswara Rao

E-mail: reetas[at]

Riddhi Panse

Degree: M. Tech. (Energy Systems Engineering - IIT Bombay)
Total work experience: 1 year
Research Area: Management of Technology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Vinish Kathuria
Thesis Title: “Diffusion of wind power”

E-mail: riddhipanse[at]


Rashmi Dyondi
Degree: MBA (MKTG)
Total work experience: 5 Years in Media and Entertainment Industry
Research Area:  Strategy & Indian Film Industry
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Shishir K Jha
Thesis Title: Distribution Strategies in Indian Film Industry

E-mail: dyondir[at]
Name: Sagari Dey
Degree: MBA (Marketing), B.E.(Instrumentation & Controls)
Total work experience: 4 months
Research Area: Brand Engagement via Brand Communities: A study on Professional Sports league
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis title: Customer Engagement

E-mail: sagari[at]
Sagari dey

Name: Sheetal Menon

Degree: M.Sc. Biotechnology
Research Area:  Intellectual Property in Agrobiotechnology
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Shishir Jha
Thesis Co-Supervisor: Prof. Karuna Jain

E-mail: sheetal.menon[at]


Name:  Sheila Roy
Degree: BEE, 1994, Jadavpur University; PGDBM, 1999, IIM Bangalore
Total work experience: 15 Yrs (IT, Consulting and Insurance)
Research Area: Service Operations, Services Marketing And Service Quality
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Indrajit Mukherjee


Sheila Roy

: Siddhartha Sarkar

Degree: MBA, MPhil
Total work experience: 4.6 Years
Research Area: Brand Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Dinesh K Sharma, Prof Arti Kalro & Prof R G Nambiar

E-mail: sarkarsidd[at]


Name:  Sirus Sharifi

Degree: M.Com. (Business Administration), Bachelor of Industrial Management
Total work experience:    3years
Research Area:  Finance & Risk Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D.N. Rao
Thesis Title: “Operational Risk Management in Financial Institutions”

E-mail: sirus.sharifi[at]
Sirus Sharifi
Sreejith U.
Degree: M.B.E (Business Economics), M.Phil
Total work experience: 5 years
Research Area: Economics, Finance & Accounting
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao
Thesis Title: "An Empirical Examination of the Information Content of Credit Ratings in India"

E-mail: vrindavan[at]


Sreejith Photo

Name: Sundar Parthasarathy

Degree: B.E. (Mech.)
Total work experience:    26 years
Research Area:  International Business and Competitiveness
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. S. K. Jha and Prof. K. Momaya

E-mail: sundar.parthasarathy[at]


Sunny Arora

Degree: PhD
Total work experience:    7 years
Research Area:  Marketing (Brand Strategy)
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Arti Kalro / Prof. Dinesh Sharma
Thesis Title:  Fundamental Analysis of the Linguistic Impact on Brand Names

E-mail: sunny.arora[at]

Sunny Arora
Name: Swapnil Patil

Degree: BE (Mech), PG in Marketing Management, DBM, DIEM
Total work experience: Close to 8 Years
Research Area: Livelihood issues of the Farmers living in the vicinity of a SEZ
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Shishir Kumar Jha
E-mail: swapnil.patil[at], swapnilpatil2k[at]
Swapnil Patil

Name:  Uma Sundaram

Degree: MBA (Human Resources)
Total work experience:    15 years
Research Area:  Group Facilitation
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Ashish Pandey

E-mail: u_sundaram[at]

Uma Sundaram

Name: Vijay Singh Shekhawat

Degree: BSc, LLB, MBA
Total work experience:    15 years
Research Area:  International Economics
Thesis Supervisor: Vinish Kathuria
E-mail: vsshekhawat[at]

Vijay Shekhawat

Venkateshwar Rao Kasina
Degree: M.Sc(Physics); M.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)
Total work experience: 15 years
Research Area: Information Systems
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Sonar
Prof. Krithi Ramamritham, CSDepartment

E-mail: kasinavrao[at]


Kasina V. Rao


Name: Vivekanand M Bankolli
Total work experience: 15yrs
Research Area: Project Management
Thesis Supervisor: Prof Karuna Jain
Thesis Title:Production Model in Project Management.
Category: External

E-mail: vivekbankolli[at]