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ORSI 2023
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Dive into emerging trends in Business Analytics & Management Sciences. Uncover the methodologies driving Business Intelligence, Sustainable Management, and Analytics forward.
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Where experts convene to redefine operations and analytics amidst a rapidly evolving landscape. Discover novel strategies and tools shaping the future of business.
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Explore AI innovations and network with industry leaders at the International Conference on Business Analytics and Management Sciences.
About the Conference
Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) is planning to organize the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Analytics and Management Sciences, 57th Annual Convention of ORSI (ORSI-2024) & Exhibition for Analytics & AI Tools and Applications from Companies & Start-ups, scheduled for December 12-14, 2024 at Victor Menezes Convention Center (VMCC), IIT Bombay, 400076.

The International Conference (BAMS-ORSI 2024) serves as a pivotal platform for scholars, academicians, and practitioners in Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Sustainable Management worldwide to converge, exchange insights, and delve into innovative approaches shaping the future of these fields. The conference is strategically designed to foster collaboration, encouraging the exploration of cutting-edge analytics in dynamic settings.
To share groundbreaking research and offer valuable insights into emerging challenges, opportunities, and analytical tools within Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Management Sciences.
To explore pathways towards achieving sustainability goals within the realm of analytics, emphasizing eco-friendly practices and initiatives.
To exchange ideas and approaches for developing successful business models, within Decision Sciences and Analytics domain.
To showcase case studies illustrating the application of cutting-edge tools and technologies in dynamic scenarios, demonstrating their impact on Operations Research and Business Analytics practices.
Analytics Across
Thorough exploration of applied analytics in business, addressing pertinent issues and concerns
Insights & Dialogue
Engaging talks and discussions featuring insights from esteemed academic and industry professionals spanning diverse business disciplines
Academia-Industry Nexus
A collaborative environment conducive to brainstorming and fostering partnerships between academia and industry
Alumni Networking
Access to a distinguished alumni network from IIT Bombay, facilitating valuable networking and knowledge exchange
Analytics and AI Exhibition
Experience the cutting-edge advancements in analytics and artificial intelligence through an engaging and interactive exhibition
Potential for publication in esteemed proceedings and journals, amplifying visibility and scholarly contributions
Exhibit Your AI Innovations at IIT Bombay

Seize a prestigious opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge AI and ML technologies at IIT Bombay's exhibition. Ideal for both startups and established companies, this platform lets you demonstrate your innovative solutions to an audience that appreciates technical excellence and innovation.

Keynote Speakers
Prof MK Tiwari Director IIM Mumbai
Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb
Professor, Michigan State University, USA

Director, Computational Optimization and Innovation (COIN) Laboratory
Founder, Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (KanGAL), IIT Kanpur, India

Prof MK Tiwari Director IIM Mumbai
Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari
Director, IIM Mumbai

Chairman - Western Zone, Viksit Bharat (Rising India)

Prof MK Tiwari Director IIM Mumbai
Prof. Jason Choi
Professor, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK)

Director of the Centre for Supply Chain Research
Editor in Chief, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review

Prof Sri Talluri MSU
Prof. Sri Talluri
John Hoagland - Richard Metzler Professor in Purchasing and Supply Management
Michigan State University, USA

Editor-in-Chief, Decision Sciences

Prof Deshmukh
Prof. S. G. Deshmukh
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Former Director, ABV-IIITM Gwalior, India

Prof MK Tiwari Director IIM Mumbai
Prof. U Dinesh Kumar
Dean Faculty, IIM Bangalore

Chairperson, Data Centre and Analytics Lab
President - Analytics Society of India

Prof MK Tiwari Director IIM Mumbai
Prof. Kannan Govindan
University of Adelaide, Australia

Director of Center for Sustainable Operations and Resilient Supply Chain
Chair Professor of the University of Southern Denmark
Executive Editor, Journal of Cleaner Production

Prof. Sunil Luthra
Prof. Sunil Luthra
Director, AICTE India

Prof. Dmitry Ivanov
Prof. Dmitry Ivanov
Professor of Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Integrated Supply Management (IJISM)

Ms. Ranjani Mani
Ms. Ranjani Mani
Director and Country Head, Generative AI, Microsoft India

Startup Advisor- NASSCOM&Telangana AI

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15 July 2024
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