FIPR 2018

The 11th Intellectual Property Rights
Fundamentals Workshop 2018

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in IPR.

This programme imparts the fundamentals of Intellectual Property. What, Why, When, Where and the How’s of IP are explained. The fundamental workshop is relevant to individuals interested in start-ups, UG/PGs/PhDs interested in commercialisation of their research / projects / thesis as well as for individuals or professionals interested in learning a value added skill set relevant to the industry. Interesting and block buster cases are referenced to make the course lively and interactive.

The duration of the workshop is Seven (07) Saturdays, three (03) hours of duration a week, in the mornings 09:30hrs – 12:30hrs.

The programme starts from August 11, 2018. There will be a 1.5 hour session on fundamentals, tea break and continues with a 1.5 hour session on live and interesting cases for hands on conceptual understanding.

Seats are limited on first come first served basis and will be held at SJMSOM.

Expert faculties from legal background, Patent agents, and IP managers will be presenting the course. There will be case studies, quizzes and a collaborative work output which will be used to provide participation certificates.

Week 1 Introduction to Patents & Their Applications – August 11, 2018, Saturday

This covers what is a patent, how it is identified, how to apply, what benefits the owner gets, what is patentable and where. These basics are re-iterated through landmark cases in the field of biotechnology, electronics, mechanical and chemical.

Week 2 Introduction to Patent Searching, Drafting & Procedures – August 18, 2018, Saturday

This covers how to search a patent, what are the parts of a patent and how to draft patent. Cases are discussed. Live use of a patent search tool also will be presented.

Week 3 Patinformatics – August 25, 2018, Saturday

This session will cover ‘why IP’ question, types of IP, what analytic opportunities does the rich IP database provide for – technology trend, technology strategy, business strategy can be derived from the various IPs generated and protected.

Week 4 Introduction to Copyright and Their Applications – September 01, 2018, Saturday

This covers the subject matter of copyright, how and when they are used, its impact, controversies in copyright – Digital Rights Management (DRM) and introduction to ‘Creative Commons’ (CC). Landmark cases relating to copyright will be discussed.

Week 5 Introduction to Trademarks and Their Applications – September 29, 2018, Saturday

This session covers the trademark aspects, its sections and features, case studies.

Week 6 Introduction to Design Rights and Their Applications – October 06, 2018, Saturday

This session covers designs – ornamental and others and how they can be protected. Cases are used to understand when patent applies and when design rights apply.

Week 7 IP: Getting the Best of Its Multifacets – October 13, 2018, Saturday This session will summarize learnings from previous sessions and its applications

Attendance of all classes and contribution to the discussion, quizzes is essential to be eligible for course completion certificate.


A registration fee of Rupees Three Hundred (Rs.300/-) for IIT Bombay students and Rupees Five Hundred (Rs.500/-) for the rest is collected for this programme.

Online registration starts July 25, 2018:

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