Faculty by Research Area

Economics and Policy Economics 

Managerial Economics, Economics of Industrial & Urban Pollution, Economic Environment of Business, Industrial Economics, Economics of Industrial and Urban Pollution, Applied Econometrics

Finance & Accounting

Accounting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Financial Engineering, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Money and Banking, Cultural Finance

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

Organizational Behavior (OB), Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), Entrepreneurial Management,Leadership, Performance Knowledge Management, Spirituality in management, Positive Organization Behavior and Indian Management.

Information Systems/Information Technology

Knowledge Based Systems, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Computer Based Information Systems

Intellectual Property

Copyright and Public Domain, Copyright in the Digital Economy, Dynamics of Intellectual Capital ,IP and Innovation, Intellectual Property Management

Inter-disciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary research spanning conventional research domains such as Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, e.g. Behavioral Operations Management, Judgment and Decision Making, and Service Management

International Business

Management of International Business & WTO, New Business Models in the Digital Economy, WTO and Global Political Economy


Event and Relationship Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Sales and Distribution Management, Services Marketing

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Production Planning, Warehouse and Retail Facility Design, Manufacturing Strategy, Decision Sciences, Quality Engineering and Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Discrete Optimization

Decision Sciences & Quantitative Methods

Pattern Recognition, Statistical Inference, Statistical Quality Control, Fuzzy Optimization and Multi-Objective Decision-Making, Supply Chain Modelling, Project Management, Inventory Management

Strategic Management & competitiveness 

Leadership, Strategic Transformation, Network Competition, Competitiveness, Growth Strategies

Technology & Innovation Management 

Innovation Management, Intellectual Property Management, Innovation Management, R&D Management, Strategic Management of Technology, Technology Audit, Technology
Diffusion, Technology Policies, Dynamics of Intellectual Capital ,IP and Innovation, Intellectual Property Management


Entrepreneurship ecosystem- Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship- Entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour- Entrepreneurial finance: venture capital, angel investing, Entrepreneurial education and learning- Startup competitiveness- Legal matters in entrepreneurship - Indigenous/ethnic entrepreneurship- International entrepreneurship- Cooperative strategies for financing, talent, customers