Can you imagine living in Mumbai, the most happening place in India, and doing nothing apart from cramming and attending classes? Well, not at least at the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, which being a part of the most eventful of all the IITs, has its share of fun and fiesta to offer. The college is a rather busy place with something or the other happening almost every day.

The events at the school, which run throughout the year, include the Continuum seminar series, the annual b-fest Avenues, many other seminars, the regular guest lectures at Diksha, the alumni day, the teachers’ day, the farewell nite, the freshers’ welcome party...the list goes on.

Add to these the events conducted by the other departments at IIT Bombay in which the students of the school actively participate, and you’ll find no end to them. The prominent ones among these are Mood Indigo - the biggest cultural festival in any educational institute in India which has been around for ages, and Techfest -the festival every techie in the country yearns to attend.

The events at the school are conducted mostly by the students themselves under the guidance of the faculty of the school. These events are helpful in many ways:

    • The events at the school help in all-round development of the students by providing them with opportunities to interact with and learn from others, and to prove their mettle.
    • They also act as a platform for group dynamics and team-work.
    • The organization of these events provides the students with an opportunity to put into practice their managerial skills and derive experiential learning from them.
    • They go a step ahead in enhancing the institute-industry interaction, which is much needed in today’s dynamic environment.