Isolated expertise in functional areas of finance, systems, marketing or operations is giving way to a composite and unified approach to managing business processes.

Effective decision-making requires an integrated understanding of all business functions.

At the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, this guiding philosophy is firmly rooted in reality. Methodologies of business management are being shorn off the traditional practices and new holistic approaches are being developed.

These approaches are more at home with the issues that straddle the length and the breadth of ‘The Value Chain’. Today, the constantly changing business environment is characterized with many complex inter-related issues, which need to be addressed.

In such a scenario, the School believes that premium will be on professionals who are equipped to manage human intellect and imagination, on managers who can provide innovative solutions to problems and on executives who can deliver when required. Also the School espouses the belief that the use of technology would be invaluable in providing competitive strategies for overcoming all business challenges.