MBA Placement Process

On-Campus Placement
SJMSOM has an annual on campus placement process, which is supervised by the Faculty Placement Coordinator and coordinated by the student elected Placement Committee. Every year, the process is streamlined as per convenience of students and recruiters. The placement process begins with Pre- Placement talks by companies, usually scheduled between the months of October and December. Elaborate slotting criteria is used to slot the companies for the placement process. The Pre Placement talks are followed by the Lateral Placement Process, which is tailor made for recruitment of students with prior work experience, and is immediately followed by the Final Placement Process.

Interaction and Pre- Placement Talks
Organizations are formally invited to participate in the placement process. Recruiters visit the campus for delivering Pre- Placement talks to the students. The Talks are interactive sessions broadly covering a wide spectrum of aspects like company profile, core values, job descriptions, career growth plan, selection procedure and emoluments offered. The companies would submit the 'Recruitment Form' with details of job offerings during this phase.

Companies are allocated the day and time slots to hold their final selection process on campus based on the slotting criteria. Aspects like the company profile, nature of the job, long-term relationship, emoluments, career growth and student's preferences are given prime importance while slotting the companies. The slots are communicated to the participating organizations well in advance.

Final Placement Process
The Final Placement Process marks the culmination of the annual placement process wherein candidates, irrespective of their nature of their prior work experience, participate. Companies visit the campus as per their respective slots. All logistics and infrastructural support required for the selection process of various companies would be provided by the Institute. This process is usually scheduled in the third week of January.