Leadership Lecture Series

The School offers a compulsory course, "Leadership,Vision & Entrepreneurship" to the final year students of Master of Management programme to convey the essence of Leadership and Entrepreneurship through a series of lectures by some of the eminent leaders in the Indian Industry.

This innovative method involves the leaders talking about their experiences and their perception of the theme in detail to the students, which is followed by a question-and-answer session.The students' teams closely understand his style, his perception of leadership and analyse the different situations the leader had faced in his career.


The innovative way of "Learning Leadership from Leaders and Achievers" through the course "Leadership and Vision" provides a unique opportunity to the final year students of the MoM programme. They do research, listen to such leaders, interact with them closely to understand some of the important issues related to leadership and write a term paper.

Prof. Atanu Ghosh
Core Faculty