Prof. Rahul Patil

Associate Professor
108, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, I.I.T.Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076
Prof. Rahul Patil


  • Ph. D. (Operations Management), University of Colorado, Boulder, USA (2006)
  • M. Tech. (I.E.O.R.), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (2000)
  • B.E. (Production Engineering), V.J.T.I. Bombay (1995)


  • DNA – Best Professor in Supply Chain Management Award, 2018.
  • IIT Bombay Impactful Research Award, 2017.
  • Dewang Mehta – Best Professor in Operations Management Award, 2010.
  • Hart Fellowship Award, Leeds School of Business, Boulder, USA, 2002
  • Vice President – Programs and Meetings- the Indian Subcontinent Region Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI). 2009- 2011.
  • Vice President – Long Range Planning- the Indian Subcontinent Region Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI). 2011- 2013.

Positons Held


  • Associate Professor, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, Mumbai  (since May 2018)


  • Research Fellow, OptTek Systems Inc, Boulder, Colorado, USA (Oct 2003-May 2005)
  • Manager, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Aurangabad (July 1995- June 1998)

Research Interests

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Optimization


Journal Publications

  1.  S Kulkarni, M Krishnamoorthy, A Ernst, A Ranade, R Patil. 2018.  A new formulation and a column generation-based heuristic for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 118, 457-487.
  2. S Kulkarni, R Patil, M Krishnamoorthy, A Ernst, A Ranade. 2018. A New Two-Stage Heuristic for the Recreational Vehicle Scheduling Problem. Computers & Operations Research, 91, 59-78.
  3. M Gharote, R Patil, S Lodha. 2017.  Scatter search for trainees to software project requirements stable allocation. Journal of Heuristics, 23 (4), 257-283.
  4. Rahul Patil, Janat Shah, 2016, Optimal Dynamic Production and Sales Plans for a New Product in the Presence of Scarcity Effects, International Journal of Operational Research, 27(4), 610-623
  5. Divya Tiwari , Rahul Patil, Janat Shah, 2015, Sequential Unreliable Newsboy Ordering Policies, Annals of Operations Research, ,233(1), 449-463.
  6. Gharote, M.,  Patil, R.,  Lodha, S.,  Raman, R. 2015. Assignment of trainees to software project requirements: a stable matching-based approach. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 87, 228-237.
  7. Fred Glover, L. Cox, Rahul Patil, J. Kelly. 2011. Integrated exact, hybrid and metaheuristic learning methods for confidentiality protection. Annals of Operations Research, 183(1), 47-73.
  8. D. Tiwari,  Rahul Patil, Janat Shah. 2011.  Unreliable newsboy problem with a forecast update. Operations  Research Letters, 39, 278-282.
  9. Rahul Patil. 2010. Due Date Management to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability. International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications, 13(4), 273-289.
  10. Rahul Patil, Balram AvittathurJanat Shah.  2010. Supply chain strategies based on recourse model for very short life cycle products . International Journal of Production Economics, 128(1), 3-10.
  11. Rahul Patil. 2008. Using Ensemble and Metaheuristics Learning Principles with Neural Networks to Improve Due Date Prediction Performance. International Journal of Production Research, 46(21), 6009-6027.
  12. Lawrence H. CoxJames P. Kelly, Rahul Patil. 2004. Balancing Quality and Confidentiality for Multi-Variate Tabular Data. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3050, 87-98.

Selected Conference Papers

  1.  Gharote M., Phuke N., Patil R., Lodha S. 2017. Stable Matching with Multi-objectives: A Goal Programming Approach. In Optimization and Decision Science: Methodologies and Applications. ODS 2017. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol 217. Springer.
  2.  Mangesh Gharote, Rahul Patil, Sachin Lodha, 2012, Workforce Allocation Problem in Information Technology Service Organisations, , 4th International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Management Science, 4, 46-53 .


  • Karuna Jain, Rahul Patil (Editors). 2009. Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management. MacMillan Publishers.

Significant Awards/ Distinctions

  • Vice President – Programs and Meetings- the Indian Subcontinent Region Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI). 2009- 2011.
  • Vice President – Long Range Planning- the Indian Subcontinent  Region Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI). 2011- 2013.

Research guidance

  1. Doctoral research guidance
S. no Name Completed/ongoing Thesis topic
1 Mangesh Gharote Completed 2016 Workforce planning models in IT services industries
2 Sarang Kulkarni Ongoing Since 2014 Recreational Vehicle Scheduling: Flow Routing Problems on a Time Expanded Network
3 JaiKishan T. Ongoing since 2016 Vehicle Routing Problem with Release and Due Dates

Sponsored research

S. no Project title From To Sponsoring agency   Outlay
1 Supply Chain Network Optimization July 2016 Oct 16 John Deere Ltd Pune PI 0.7 lakh
2 Recreational Vehicle Scheduling: Flow Routing Problems on a Time Expanded Network Jan 2014 Jul 2017 CSIRO, Australia Co PI

Courses Taught

  • MG 611- Operations Management – I
  • MG 654 – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Mg-406 Operations Management- B Tech Minor
  • MNG 705- Supply Chain Optimization
  • MNG -626 Advanced Planning And Scheduling
  • MGT 617 Decision Models in Management
  • MGT 623- Quantitative Skills Lab

Professional Service

  • Conference co-chair, Improving Competitiveness through Decision Sciences -International Conference, 4th to 6th January 2012 , the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.
  • Program Co-Chair, Global Interdependence and Decision Sciences – International Conference, ASCI, Hyderabad, 2009.
  • Organizing Secretary, Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management- International Conference, 2008, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.
  • Adhoc Reviewer for International Journal of Management Science (OMEGA), International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Operational Research, Technology Operation Management, Opsearch.

Other Interests

Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Travel

Dr. Rahul Patil is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the S.J.M. School of Management. His research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of operations research, and supply chain management.  He has published articles  in international journals including Computers and Operations Research, Operations Research Letters, Annals of Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Transportation Research- B among others. Dr. Rahul has offered management development programs and consultancy services to firms such as Larsen and Toubro, John Deere, Godrej , and  OptTek Inc.  He has also worked as Vice President- Long Range Planning and VP-Programs and Meetings for Decision Sciences Institute-India Subcontinent Chapter.

His work received the 2018 DNA award for the Best Professor in Supply Chain Management, 2017 impactful research award from IIT Bombay, and Dewang Mehta Best Teacher in Operations Management award in 2010.