Master of Business Administration

The School Of Management through its flagship Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme seeks to develop managers for an integrated understanding of all business functions. The rigorous curriculum of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme has a judicious blend of courses that provide an in-depth understanding of the operational and strategic aspects of management.

One unique feature of the program is that apart from the regular courses on Finance, Accounting, Operations and HR, SJM SOM prepares for technology management with core courses like Technology Policy, R&D Management and Managing technology transfer. Also, innovative courses like "Mission, Vision and Leadership" provide opportunity for the student to work under the mentorship of Indian Business leaders and to hone their leadership skills.

Programme Structure

The restructured Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme which has been in effect from academic year 2013-2014, intends to achieve an optimum balance of Knowledge building, Perspective giving and Skill building courses. A mix of diverse teaching methods like case study, lecture and discussion, simulation games, collaborative and experiential learning is adapted to provide a holistic learning experience and a complete learning cycle.

The Two-year course is organized into eight terms. In the first year (first four terms), students gain knowledge on all the disciplines of management through 23 rigorous courses. All the academic courses require case studies, course projects and research by students, which provide exposure to the latest practices in the Industry. Students have the option of doing a 1-month winter project at the end of first 2 terms.

The rigor of the academics in the first year culminates in the Summer Project at the end of the first year of the program. The 2-month project done after the completion of all the foundational courses on management, offers the student an opportunity to learn management practices through live projects in the Industry.

In the four terms following the summer project, the program prepares the student to pursue the management discipline of his choice by offering a wide choice of electives in addition to few core courses. Students can decide to choose electives from any or all the disciplines.